Shielding your Mental Health

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I'm sharing a few tips to help you protect your Mental Health! 

What we read online and what we allow ourselves to watch on tv affects our overall mood and how we feel on that day.

Every day you watch the Covid numbers. Are you internalizing the magnitude of the problem, are you able to disconnect from it?

These days I talk to my boys about what they watch on TikTok or Instagram, their consumption of news is at a fast pace and may at times be wrong and misleading. It's important that I filter what gets in their head as well. 


  • Consume the right content
  • Think positive as much as possible, some people call it prayer others think of it as meditation. What puts your mind at ease?
  • Do things that add to your happiness
  • Exercise for the endorphins
  • Read for the love of reading
  • Share your favorite photos because you love them and they make you happy
  • Listen to engaging podcasts or in my case my favorite radio shock job Howard Stern, someone I have listened to since 2005 and has made me laugh ever since. 

Always remember that others are going thru some of the same emotions, reach out to someone who calms you down and gives you positive vibes. 

I really believe that vibes can impact your daily life in so many ways, so please try to keep you mind filled with positive ones. When you recognize negativity shut it down immediately, don't let it infiltrate your only festers and becomes worse.

Yours in Vibes, alicia

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