Vibin’ with La Mera Mera-DJ Gracie Chavez

Sharing my love for music and cool vibes! 

In this episode of Vibes by Alicia, we had a special guest. DJ Gracie Chavez (better known as La Mera Mera).  We had a joyful talk about our connections with music, her history of working with music, and the things that came along with it. She spoke about working in a male dominated industry and we connected on some of our old favorites. It's always a good time to hear from women who are trying to do it all in the music industry, run a business and be the parent of teenagers. Believe me it's not easy!

In this Season 3 episode, La Mera Mera speaks on her upbringing and how music was essential to her relationship with her father.  We share some music favorites and how they played a role in our lives.  Music in our culture is essential to our celebrations, it brings joy and we all can change our moods with music.  It was a pleasure discussing music with this fabulous woman who taught me so much and I’m thankful she shared so much knowledge with me on and outside of this podcast. There's so much mental health that can be achieved through music and this episode is a prime example of what a good jam can do for your mood! Music will work wonders for mental health. 

Let's change the energy with a good song or one that makes you simply sing along.  So very Thankful to DJ Gracie Chavez for making us dance and being a great representation for us as women and Latinas.

You can listen to the interview HERE!

Or find her at @djgraciechavez and @bombontexas on Instagram. 

Tell me what you thought of this episode! Yours in vibes, alicia

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