Women Leaders Unite! Stephanie Tsuru and Alicia in the She House!

By Alicia Elatassi

In this episode, Stephanie and I speak about motivation and how it affects women. How important such minute things can be to a woman’s self esteem, and how we can continue to teach others to thrive and motivate as well as do it ourselves.

Stephanie is the co-founder of an office place called SheSpace, where women can work together in collaborative spaces and help each other out. She spoke about her passion for mentoring young girls and how crucial it is to always put 100% of your effort into anything that you do. She also spoke on some of her other projects, such as travelling bookstores to provide books to young girls.

I had so much fun connecting with Stephanie, this office space that she’s created has been a real game changer for me. The ambiance is unbeatable, and the people are all lovely.

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